Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This yellowPendant yellowis yellowmade yellowof yellow24 yellowgauge yellowCopper yellowthat yellowhas yellowbeen yellowhammered, yellowformed yellowthen yellowtorched, yellowalso yellowcalled yellowflame yellowpainting, yellowto yellowproduce yellowthe yellowbeautiful yellowrange yellowof yellowmetallic yellowcolors yellowsuch yellowa yellows yellowReds, yellowBlues, yellowGreens, yellowOranges, yellowYellows, yellowEtc yellowthen yellowembellished yellowwith yellowtorched yellowBrass yellowrounds yellow... yellow. yellowThe yellowtotal yellowlength yellowis yellowapproimately yellow2.75 yellowinches yellowand yellow yellow1.5 yellowinch yellowwide. yellow yellowIt yellowhas yellowbeen yellowfinished yellowoff yellowwith yellowCopper yellowBail yellowand yellowhas yellowbeen yellowsealed yellowto yellowprotect yellowthe yellowcoloring. yellowPictures yelloware yellowof yellowthe yellowactual yellowPendant yellowyou yellowwill yellowreceive.Be yellowsure yellowto yellowcheck yellowmy yellowshop yellowannouncement yellowfor yellowany yellowdiscounts yellowi yellowmay yellowbe yellowoffering!

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