Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This orangePendant orangeis orangemade orangeof orange20 orangegauge orangeBrass orangethat orangehas orangebeen orangehammered, orangeformed orangethen orangetorched, orangealso orangecalled orangeflame orangepainting, orangeto orangeproduce orangethe orangebeautiful orangerange orangeof orangemetallic orangecolors orangesuch orangea oranges orangeReds, orangeBlues, orangeGreens, orangeOranges, orangeYellows, orangeEtc orangethen orangeembellished orangewith orangetorched orangeCopper orange... orange. orangeThe orangetotal orangelength orangeis orangeapproimately orange2.5 orangeinches orangeand orange orange1 orangeinch orangewide. orange orangeIt orangehas orangebeen orangefinished orangeoff orangewith orangeCopper orangeBail orangeand orangehas orangebeen orangesealed orangeto orangeprotect orangethe orangecoloring. orangePictures orangeare orangeof orangethe orangeactual orangePendant orangeyou orangewill orangereceive.Be orangesure orangeto orangecheck orangemy orangeshop orangeannouncement orangefor orangeany orangediscounts orangei orangemay orangebe orangeoffering!

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