Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ivory, Swarovski Crystal and Czech Glass Earrings in Ivory and Rosy Pinks



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Floral whiteand whitefeminine. white whiteEarrings whitefeature whitefaceted whiteCzech whiteglass whitebeads whitein whiteivory whiteand whitepink whitebell whiteflower whitebeads. white whiteMade whitewith whiteSwarovski whitecrystal whitebeads whitein whiterose whiteaura whiteborealis. white whiteTulip whitebead whitecaps whiteand whitedaisy whitespacer whitebeads whiteare whitegold whiteplated. white whiteAccented whitewith white14 whiteKT whitegold whitefilled whiterounds.French whiteear whitewires whiteare whiteantique whitegold whiteplated.Earrings whitemeasure whiteat white2 whiteinches whitein whitelength.

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