Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18.5 inch Aragonitemetal, Black Onyxmetal, Hematite and Copper Beaded Necklace



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This wire wrappedbeaded wire wrappednecklace wire wrappedis wire wrappedmade wire wrappedof wire wrappedMatte wire wrappedBlack wire wrappedOnyx, wire wrappedGold wire wrappedcolored wire wrappedHematite, wire wrappedAntique wire wrappedand wire wrappedBright wire wrappedCopper wire wrappedbeads wire wrappedand wire wrappeda wire wrappedwonderful wire wrappedAragonite wire wrappedCrystal wire wrappedFocal wire wrappedPendant. wire wrapped wire wrappedIt wire wrappedmeasures wire wrapped18.5 wire wrappedinches wire wrappedlong wire wrappedand wire wrappedhas wire wrappeda wire wrappedhand wire wrappedhammered wire wrappedCopper wire wrappedHook wire wrappedand wire wrappedEye wire wrappedClasp. wire wrappedON wire wrappedSALE...WAS wire wrapped54.00 wire wrappedNOW wire wrapped38.00!! wire wrappedBe wire wrappedSure wire wrappedto wire wrappedcheck wire wrappedmy wire wrappedshop wire wrappedannouncement wire wrappedfor wire wrappedany wire wrappeddiscounts wire wrappedI wire wrappedmay wire wrappedbe wire wrappedoffering

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